The ITBear…Bob by Nickelodeon x Milkboy Toys x Unbox Industries

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Japan’s Milkboy Toys has collaborated with Nickelodeon x Unbox Industries to remake SpongeBob SquarePants in the image of their subtly freaky ITBear. The result of this character merging is the ITBear…Bob vinyl art toy.

The ITBear…Bob design starts with the ITBear aesthetic warped to SpongeBob’s square profile. There’s the familiar little chest fur and the freaky zipper on the back that partially reveals the multi-eyed weird within. And then of course there’s the instantly recognizable, bright and cheery, yellow SpongeBob face. If you look closely though, there’s something just a bit freaky going on with his teeth, that are now above his closed mouth…

The ITBear x SpongeBob hybrid was first released via lottery at Unbox’s new HK showroom alongside the ITBear Spongy figure. Now it’s available in limited quantities as a general online release.

The ITBear…Bob vinyl art toy (7.5″) will be available on Saturday (5.1) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox Industries for $135.