King Koi Chibi Tug O’War by The Devil’s Kaiju x Zectron x Unbox Industries

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Hand-painted by The Devil’s Kaiju, the King Koi Chibi Tug O’War is the first-ever painted edition of the vinyl art toy from Zectron x Unbox Industries. The bright orange design features a subtle black splatter throughout evoking the iconic Japanese fish. King Koi’s head features a striking metallic green design with red+white concentric eyes. Finally, the eponymous tug boat on the back features an intricate paint job lending the feature an ornamental vibe.

The King Koi Chibi Tug O’War soft vinyl art toy (4″) will be available on Thursday (4.1) at 12 PM PDT from Zectron’s web shop for $95. Adding to the fun, figures will come packaged much like goldfish from a pet store in a clear plastic bag with mini sticker.