Instinctoy April Lottery: Hapico, Monster Zimomo, Monster Fluffy

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For its April Lottery Instinctoy has a trio of three colorful, rainbow releases. First up is the Hapico “Pastel Rainbow’ edition vinyl art toy (9″, ¥15,400 /$141) from Japanese artist Yosuke Ueno. This version of the artist’s signature girl character showcases a pastel variant of Ueno’s DNA-based color scheme (Red, Green, Blue and Orange). Pastel Rainbow is the second edition of the original art toy following the debut Golden version which was released as part of the brand’s Lucky Bag 2021 release.

Instinctoy also has two releases featuring its popular ‘Fantasia’ GID colorway: Monster Fluffy (5.43″, ¥13,200/$121) and Monster Zimomo (8.27″, ¥25,300 / $232) by Kasing Lung. Instinctoy’s first-ever collaboration with Kasing Lung, Monster Zimomo was previously released in small pre-release quantities at last year’s Shanghai Toy Show (STS) and Taipei Toy Festival (TTF). A blend of the very popular Zimomo and Instinctoy’s Liquid symbiote, the collabo figure is one of the few cases where the design of the back of the figures runs a close second to the charming front—love the asymmetric horns. The Fantasia GID colorway is a perfect match for the cute color with the added bonus of its brilliant glow.

Last but not least, the April Lottery also includes the Monster Fluffy ‘Fantasia’ GID edition which is the 8th colorway of the relatively recent Instinctoy character since its debut back in February 2020. As a fun bit of toy trivia, Monster Fluffy made its first appearance as a mini figure as part of the Kaiju Hunting 2 blindbox series from Paradise Toys.

Each of the three April releases is available via Instinctoy’s easy-to-use lottery system through its International and Japan-only online stores. The deadline to enter is Sunday (4.11) at 7:59 AM PDT.