Chubbi Cheeks by Jim Dreams x Unbox Industries

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Jim Dream’s Chunk enjoys a good time, from beer and liquor to a wide and ever-expanding range of fast good. The cheerful consumer continues his journey with the upcoming ‘Chubbi Cheeks’ blind-box series from Unbox Industries. A fun play off the chibi art style of short characters with large heads, the series features eight standard figures of the Chubbi Cheeks family, seven of which are inspired by fast food or snack food brands.

A few of the designs are based on previously released regular-sized Chunk editions including Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, the Jolibee Bee, and Colonel Sanders. The one that we couldn’t place right away is the blonde-haired Nissin noodle boy in traditional Japanese attire. Oh and yes, that’s the Michelin man, which sorta, kinda has a food tie in. In addition to the eight standard figures, there are at least two chases, GID versions no less: one of the McD’s mascot and one of the fried-chicken titan. Be sure to check out Unbox’s fun animated videos of each of the eight figures below.

The Chubbi Cheeks blind-box series debuts this Saturday (4.3) at 8 AM PDT directly from Unbox Industries for $100/display case. Each display includes 10 figures. Beyond the online drop, look for the figures at your favorite art toy retailers.