The Stars My Destination Astronaut Dunny – Aces Edition by Kidrobot

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Kidrobot is headed into space with the new ‘The Stars My Destination’ Astronaut Dunny – Aces Edition. The debut 8″ Astronaut Dunny features a hybrid design outfitting the vinyl Dunny in an orange cloth spacesuit with air hoses and fabric ‘Kidrobot’ life support system pack.

Vinyl art toys with fabric clothing are unusual . In fact, no Dunnys with extensive fabric clothing come to mind. It’s possible that the new Astronaut design could be the first. If not, its certainly in rare company.

The product photos—presumably early proto photos—seem to show a mix of glossy + matte black for the helmet visor. We’re assuming (hoping) the final will be completely glossly. Interestingly, one of the promo photos features a slightly different Astronaut Dunny design with a blue pack, orange hands, and a singular KR patch in the middle of the chest. Perhaps a forthcoming edition? Or maybe an early design that was revised into what’s shown here and on the product page.

‘The Stars My Destination’ Astronaut 8″ Dunny – Aces Edition vinyl art toy is available for pre-order from Kidrobot for $100. The figure is slated to ship in Q3 2021.