Strangecat Toys Exclusive Little Sank Bounty Hunter by Sank Toys

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Strangecat Toys’ Exclusive Little Sank Bounty Hunter vinyl art toy from Sank Toys re-imagines the little diver as the fan-favorite character of few words and the iconic Beskar armor. The translation from under the sea to a galaxy far, far is a tale of front and back. With the familiar green, red, and yellow color scheme setting the tone, the front of the figure relies mostly on a little assist from the chest armor deco. The reference becomes much clear from the back of the figure which features the familiar T-shaped visor graphic. Oh, there’s also the retro sci-fi blaster which goes along nicely with Sank’s old-school diving helmet.

An edition of 199, the Little Sank Bounty Hunter Edition vinyl art toy (9.45″) will be available on Monday (3.29) at 9 AM PDT exclusively from Strangecat Toys for $110.