Sharkid – Hammer by MGMAN

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Korean artist MGMAN’s starts off his urban Sharkid series with the debut Hammer edition. The figure features a distinctive hammerhead shark character geared up for winter with cozy hat and puffy jacket. Sharkid is enjoying bungeoppang, a traditional Korean bread snack in the shape of a fish, on his stroll with one in hand and a bag with seconds and thirds. With smart street fashion plus a fun story that ties the figure back to the artist’s culture, Sharkid brings a new voice to urban art toys.

An edition of 10, the Sharkid – Hammer edition resin art toy (6″) is available for $240 direct from the artist. To order send a DM or email to the artist with your Paypal address. The made-to-order figures will be shipped 1-2 months after ordering.