Iron Monkey 3 ‘Black Bubbles’ by Kikkake Toy

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Japanese artist Kikkake Toy has just released the first edition of his brand-new Iron Monkey 3 figure—the latest iteration of his signature toy. The new sculpt has a quirky regal theme with the chimp wearing a crown and metal bodice-style armor.

For the debut Black Bubbles edition, Kikkake Toy is offering the 100 figures via a fun ‘Serial Lottery’ concept. The release page features a product entry for each of the 100 figures (#1-100). Certain numbers feature あたり (‘Atari’) in the serial number and will include one of several Omake figures. Each figure includes a golden metal tag with its serial number. Speaking of twists, each figure comes with a ‘buddy belt’, essentially a cross body strap for bringing along your new found sofubi buddy — so odd and so rad.

An edition of 100, the Iron Monkey 3 ‘Black Bubbles’ sofubi art toy is available directly from Kikkake Toy for ¥15,000 ($141).