Happy Thief by Fat Lane

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Thailand-based Fat Lane’s new Happy Thief vinyl art toy bust is a supersized serving of its previously released Happiness Man piece. The fun and slightly creepy—much like Ronald McDonald—features the iconic fast food mascot holding a golden burger and fries while he forces himself to smile. While the sculpt remains the same, Happy Thief stands at 11.81″ tall vs 7.81″ for the Happiness Man figure. Happy Thief features a jailbird colorway with black/white striped suit and bright orange hair.

An edition capped at 200 pieces, the Happy Thief vinyl art toy bust is available for pre-order from several retailers including Martian Toys ($245), Hell Toy (Taiwan), Toy Huntsman (HK), Hunt Tokyo (Japan) and Polyphony (China). The figure is expected to ship in Q3 2021.