Foxy Bust by Wetworks x Flabslab

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Philippines-based Wetworks signature character is going premium with the new Foxy Bust wood art toy sculpture from Singapore-based Flabslab. Crafted in beech wood, Foxy—the teenage girl leader of the Agents of Decay—strikes a cheerful pose with a wide smile under her familiar helmet. She definitely looks quite a bit more friendly without a bat or gat in hand.

All jokes aside, this must-have for Wetworks collectors celebrates the character with a design that showcases the natural beauty of the wood. The elegant simplicity of the wood grain is timeless.

An edition of 44, the Foxy Bust art toy sculpture (9.5″) will be available on Saturday (3.13) from Flabslab for $480. The bust comes with a signed/numbered wood tag and a swanky wood box emblazoned with her name.