Bobbi the Baphomet by Yoyo-Zintears

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Known for her Gingi toys, Thai artist Yoyo-Zintear (Mr. Gingi) is stepping onto the dark side, in a super cute, colorful way with her new Bobbi the Baphomet resin art toy. Almost certainly the most adorable version of the horned one ever, Bobbi looks like a lost puppy with large, sad eyes and a dog collar with a gold bell. Well, except for the curved red horns and the pentagram on his forehead 🙂

The Bobbi the Baphomet resin art toy (3.15″) will be available for pre-order for USA-based collectors on Tuesday (3.23) at 7 PM PDT from Strangecat Toys (30 pcs available, $63) and on Wednesday (3.24) at 7 AM PDT from the artist’s Facebook (20 pcs available, $55) for all other regions.