Slave to the Siren: Drake Passage Edition by Se7en x Martian Toys

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Se7en’s seductive Starbucks-inspired songstress rises from the depths again with the new Slave to the Siren: Drake Passage edition from Martian Toys. Born from the coldest ocean water, Drake Passage features a deep blue on black appearance with a silver crown. The Siren’s call to shake off slumber with a jolt of ice coffee is irresistible.

The Slave to the Siren: Drake Passage Edition vinyl art toy (6″ tall) will be available from NTWRK’s ‘Unboxed’ Festival on Saturday (2.13) at 10:30 AM PST. for $100. The first 25 orders will include a free ceramic Siren Travel Mug.

In addition to the Drake Passage release, Martian Toys is also raffling the Aegean Sea 12″ vinyl paint master, hand-painted by LOFI Collective. The raffle runs through February 28 at 8:59 PM PST with tickets available for $10 from Martian Toys’ site. Drake Passage purchases will include two raffle tickets.