Lil’ Helpers by Superplastic

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The new Lil ‘ Helpers figures from Guggimon x Superplastic feature retro style versions of the brand’s two signature characters. Debuting in era appropriate mono editions, Guggi Lil’ Helper and Janky Lil’ Helper offer streamlined versions of each character with all-new sculpts featuring vintage pie eyes and stylized toothy grins. At 13 and 14″ tall, the ‘1 to 1 scale’ Lil’ Helpers have quite the slender profile and are slightly larger than the classic Guggimon figures (12″).

The Guggi Lil’ Helper (14″) and Janky Lil’ Helper (13″) vinyl art toys are available for pre-order from Superplastic for $80 each or $180 for set. They are slated to ship in March 2021. The Lil’ Helpers set will also be available from the ‘Unboxed’ Designer Toy Festival on Saturday (2.13) at 5 PM PST on the NTWRK app.