King Korpse Wood by James Groman x Instinctoy

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James Groman x Instinctoy are to elevate the ferocious King Korpse to new heights with the upcoming King Korpse Wood art toy. Part of several planned special editions for the upcoming 5th Anniversary of Groman’s gorilla zombie in October, the wood edition uses multiple types of wood—black walnut, red wose wood, maple, and cherry wood—chosen for their natural colors rather than relying on paint or stains. Under development for several years, the wood edition is produced with a sophisticated 5-axis CNC milling machine. The shackles are bronze and will be treated to reduce the possibility of oxidation.

As demonstrated in Instinctoy founder’s Hiroto Ohkubo’s IG Live broadcast (below), the wood edition is not a static sculpture. The design retains much of the playability of the soft vinyl editions with articulated arms, torso wrists and lower legs. Additionally the figure comes with swappable hands—fist and open palm.

Based on the IG live, it appears Instinctoy is planning on an October 2021 release to coincide with King Korpse’s 5th Anniversary. The standout King Korpse Wood art toy elevates not just in terms of its wood + brass construction but also in terms of collectors’ expectations of a wood art toy in terms of articulation and playability.