Instinctoy at ‘Unboxed’ Festival on NTWRK

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Instinctoy has three rainbow-hued art toy releases set for the upcoming ‘Unboxed’ designer toy festival. The releases include Monster Fluffy ‘Fantasia’, Monster Zimomo ‘Fantasia’ by Kasing Lung and King Korpse ‘Prismatic Artery’ by James Groman. Whether you prefer opaque or translucent, the new drops have rainbow lovers covered. The three figures were previously released at Taipei Toy Festival 2020 and will also be released online directly from Instinctoy at a later date.

All three Instinctoy releases will be available as part of the ‘Unboxed’ designer toy festival on Sunday (2.14) at 11:30 AM PST on the NTWRK app.