Hakaba Gallery Exclusive Habian ‘Devil is not Black’ by Shiroku Jicyu

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Tokyo-based Hakaba Gallery is set to release its Exclusive Habian ‘Devil is not Black’ sofubi art toy from Shiroku Jicyu. The new pink + brown version features a scrawled message on the back that reads ‘Devil is not so black as he is Painted’. Based on the photos the message appears to be sculpted in to the figure which suggests a revised body sculpt.

Habian features a vintage vibe from the character design to the articulation which allows the devil to stand and sit easily. The new edition is Hakaba Gallery’s (‘Graveyard’ Gallery) latest in a string of exclusive Habian editions which started with the debut edition back in July 2020. Previously scheduled for release on 2.19, the new edition may have been intended as a Valentine’s Day drop. Finally based on the group photo, it appears that there’s at least one figure with red eyes versus the standard blue eyes.

An edition of just 13, the Hakba Gallery Exclusive Habian ‘Devil is not Black’ sofubi art toy will be available for ¥16,500 via lottery on Sunday (2.28) at 7 PM to Monday (3.1) at 2 AM PST. Lottery entry will be via a google form. Be sure to keep an eye on the announcement post and on their Instagram.