Smeye World Exclusive Sakura M9E by Klav9 x Day Toner x Pure Arts

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The next limited-edition Master Nine Eyes vinyl art toy is the Smeye World Exclusive Sakura edition from Klav9 x Day Toner x Purearts. Part of the artist crossover series, the Japanese cherry blossom-inspired design is based on Klav9’s hand-painted custom.

As seen in the photos, Purearts has done an admirable job of reproducing Klav9’s concept including the distressed elements, a specialty of his. The blue and pink design incorporates the iconic flower indirectly through the flowing pink sections set against the sky-blue figure and directly through the flower symbol on M9E’s sword carrier. The metal effects on the robotic swordsman bring a real world grit to the edition.

The Smeye World Exclusive Sakura M9E vinyl art toy (7″ w x 5.5″ h) will be available on Thursday (1.7) exclusively from Smeye World as will Klav9’s hand-painted Sakura Tank Club figures.