Kosmo by Xpace

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Filipino street artist Xpace (Christian Reyes) has just released his new Kosmo resin art toys. Based on the skull-faced astronaut featured on his murals, Kosmo has a bionic right arm that he received from a unknown entity after an epic shockwave from an attack on Earth caused him to crash just above the moon’s surface.

Kosmo is available in both a Standard Edition featuring the standalone figure and a Deluxe Edition which arms the astronaut with a blaster rifle and large shield accessories. With articulated arms and his gear, Kosmo delivers an action figure vibe. The figure debuts in two colorways: Kosmo Kuro (Black/Gray) and Kosmo Shiro (White Gray).

The Kosmo Standard (3000 php/$62) and Deluxe Edition (4000 php/$83) resin art toys (6″) are available for pre-order from Xpace via online form. The figures are slated to ship the 2nd week of February 2021.

Via: Art Toys PH