HORNS: Yetti by Hands in Factory x Martian Toys

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Korea-based Hands in Factory and Martian Toys continue their international collaboration with the new HORNS: Yetti vinyl art toy inspired by the brand’s Running Horns series. Accustomed to snow and ice, the powerful Yetti features a blue and white design with a blue letterman-style jacket, blue cap and blue megaphone.

Designed by Uptempo Lee, Jong hun Ha and RocKOON, the Yetti edition features an excerpt of Rachel Carson’s cautionary Silent Spring on the back of its jacket. The figure also includes a tiny blue bird pet which attaches magnetically to the Yetti’s head. The chilly Yetti follows follows the previously released, warm weather HORNS: Sasquatch edition. The figure features six points of articulation with movable arms, hands and feet.

An edition of 200, the HORNS: Yetti vinyl art toy (8″ H x 6.5″ W) will be available on Saturday (1.30) at 9 AM PST from Martian Toys for $150.

[Environmental Photos: Rat Daddy]