Blue Oni Piggums by Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy

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As part of Japan’s upcoming Setsubun celebration (2.2) in which people scatter roasted beans to Oni (鬼) as a way of releasing negativity, BlackBook Toy is releasing the new Blue Oni Piggums sofubi art toy from Frank Kozik. The Blue Oni edition recasts the sailor pig as a blue demon with striped little metal horns a yellow/black striped shirt, and yellow hat. This edition follows the The Hundreds exclusive Red edition (6.20) which sold out almost instantly.

The Blue Oni Piggums sofubi art toy (7.5″) will be available for ¥15,500 ($149) via email lottery by BlackBook Toy, running from Thursday (1.21) at 7 AM PST through Sunday (1.24) at 6:59 AM PST. To enter send an email to with a title of “New Year Piggums Lottery entry” and include your 1) Full Name, 2) Mailing Address with country and zip code, 3)Item Name: Blue Oni Piggums, 4)IG/FB/Twitter name as optional/backup contact method. See the official lottery page for full details and rules.