APO Frogs 12 Months Blind Box Series by Twelvedot x Xinghui Creations

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Twelvedot’s popular APO Frog is getting the blindbox treatment with the new APO Frogs – 12 Months series produced by Xinghui Creations. As the name suggests, the series is based around the calendar with twelve distinct designs celebrating holidays/special themes, one for each month.

Holiday wise there’s the glitzy New Years Day design, the lovely pink Valentine’s Day frog, the spooky pumpkin frog for Halloween, and a Christmas frog with Santa Hat and candy cane. There’s also an unexpected, special Thanksgiving figure which appears to be a dead fly on a white platter in lieu of a turkey. Other designs include a fun Earth Day design with a earth-shaped hat with a sprouting seedling, a Rainy Day frog (July) with a big green leaf and umbrella for dual protection, and the Swimming Day design (August) featuring an innertube. The series has 11 standard designs and 2 presumably rarer designs: the New Year frog (Secret) and an alternate silver Christmas frog (Super Secret).

The ‘APO Frogs – 12 Months’ blind box series vinyl art toys (3.15″) are available for pre-order from select retailers including myplasticheart ($12.99) and Strangecat Toys ($13) A full case of 12 figures will feature the 11 standard designs plus either a secret or duplicate design. The APO series is slated to ship in March 2021.