The Monsters Clockwork Tricycle by Kasing Lung x Pop Mart

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The new The Monsters Clockwork Tricycle art toy from Kasing Lung x Pop Mart features a sharply-dressed Labubu riding along on an old-school tricycle, reminiscent of vintage toy designs. This new 7.09″ standalone version—featured as a mini in the recent The Monsters: Toys series—is a perfect next step for collectors who started their collections with the more readily available minis.

While not explicitly stated, it does appear there are two versions of the Labubu tricycle figure, one with a black bow tie/normal eyes and one with a yellow bow tie/cosmic eyes. At this point it’s unclear whether one edition is a chase or whether both have the same ratio/odds.

The ‘The Monsters Clockwork Tricycle’ PVC/ABS art toy (7.09″) is available from Pop Mart for $78 each. The new figure is the latest in Pop Mart’s expansion beyond blindbox figures into medium, standalone pieces.