Super Run (GID) by Fools Paradise

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Fools Paradise has just opened up pre-orders for its new Super Run (GID) edition vinyl art toy set. The newest version of the brand’s mashup-style take on Super Mario Bros. x Forrest Gump strikes an even balance between the use of glow material and conventional paint with a design patterned after the OG version. While much of the characters’ clothes, and bench seats are GID, their faces are fully painted as are key elements including the Fools Gum Squid Co. cap logo, Mario’s checkered shirt, his bird-poop stained shoes and more. As with previous versions, Fools Paradise has packed a lot of fun details into this set including the Fools Paradise magazine that Princess Peach is reading which features she and Mario in their Super Professional ‘roles’.

Finally, Super Run continues Fools Paradise’s focus on large vinyl figures with impactful presence—a hallmark of their releases. See the last photo in the gallery for a better feel of the set’s impressive dimensions.

An edition of up to 398 pieces, the Super Run (GID) vinyl art toy set (11.81″) is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $414 (shipping included).