Shard Micro Prismatic by Scott Tolleson

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Scott Tolleson is set to release the new Shard Micro Prismatic resin Dunny art toy. A chip off the old block, the new micro version features the same color-shifting design as the 3″ OG Shard Prismatic (April 2019), only in a smaller, ‘anywhere’ 1″ friendly size. The prismatic effect should really pop on the faceted design of the rock-like Shards.

The Shard Micro Prismatic resin art toy (1″) will be available on Wednesday (12.16) at 10 AM PST from Scott Tolleson’s web shop for $20.

U: Clarified sizing.

2 Replies to “Shard Micro Prismatic by Scott Tolleson”

  1. The big one in picture 2 is 3″
    The little one in on sale Weds. for $20

    Your post makes it sound like the 3″ one will be $20
    HA! We WISH!

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