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LA-based Vandul will unleash his Private Collection – Wave 2 on Friday featuring several art toys including the brand-new Zen Vanduls (4″, $149.98) and Loudmouth Kan figures (4″, $168.98), both in hand-painted editions of 5—each with a unique color combination.

Liberated by 3D-printing, Vandul continues to offer new sculpts for nearly each release of his signature Vandul figure. The timely Zen Edition features the hooded one in quiet meditation—legs crossed, palms up—as the turmoil rolls on.

For those looking for an elevated take on the new figures, the release will also include the Zen Set ($249.98) featuring a 4″ Zen 1/1 AP and a 10×20″ acrylic painting and the Loudmouth Kan AP ($199.98), both in a translucent amber finish.

The upcoming drop also includes pre-orders for the Zen Bootleg ($34.99) and Social Pray Bootleg ($44.99) blister carded figures. There will also be another bootleg edition with a reproduction of Nike’s cease and desist letter received by the artist. The pre-order figures are slated to ship in Mid/Late January 2021. Finally, Vandul will also release a new screen print.

The Vandul Private Collection Wave 2 drops on Friday (12.11) at 12 PM PST from the Vandul online store.