Otakid Baby Dinosaur and Baby Raccoon by Sank Toys

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Sank Toys is set to unleash two brand-new Otakid mini figures. The Otakid Baby Dinosaur Green and Otakid Baby Raccoon Apple Pie art toys feature fun, throwback takes on youth culture. From the arcade machine-inspired dino sculpt to the waaay back retro gumball-inspired Baby Raccoon, the new Otakid figures expand the series based on youthful passions in exciting new directions. While both are excellent, our pick is the Baby Raccoon, with its translucent gumball head and funky retro future robot concept.

The Otakid Baby Dinosaur Green and Baby Racoon Apple Pie art toys will be available for pre-order on Tuesday (12.2) at 7 AM PST from select retailers including myplasticheart, Strange Cat Toys and Spastic Collectibles.