Memento Mori Girl by Kohei Yamada x Apportfolio

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As part of Apportfolio’s upcoming Kawaii Art Exhibition (12.4 – 12.6) at TX Hauihai in Shanghai, the art brand will release several limited-edition sculptures including the charming Memento Mori Girl resin sculpture by Japanese artist Kohei Yamada. Based on an original painting, Memento Mori Girl features a charming blue-haired girl in a floral print dress and purple boots.

With the skull pattern on the girl’s square base alluding to the title (Latin for ‘Remember You Must Die), the bitter sweet pieces is both a reminder of the common eventuality we all share and seemingly a hopeful expression of a life yet to be lived. As with the original painting, the resin edition draws the viewer in through the girl’s wide gaze and her joyous appearance.

An edition of 150, The Memento Mori Girl resin sculpture (11.81″) will be available at the exhibition venue and online on Sunday (12.6) at 6 PM PST from the Apportfolio shop for HK$13,800 ($1,780). The sculpture includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.