Linus & Lenny: The Lung Brothers by Looming Doom Toys

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Looming Doom Toys brings us a creative, humorous take on the classic storyline of two ‘friends’, different as can be, forever linked to each other. The upcoming Linus & Lenny: The Lung Brothers vinyl art toy features the clean-as-a-whistle Linus and Lenny, his alcoholic, chain-smoking, polar opposite. Despite their lack of common habits, each is forever tied to the other.

The Lung Brothers will debut in two editions. The full-color OG edition features a healthy pink Linus and a festering green Lenny. The Black and White edition reminds us of the traditional Ying/Yang concept. Looming Doom Toys’ newest figures have a spot-on mix of appealing visuals, creative concept, and humor—a rare trifecta.

Both editions of the Linus & Lenny: The Lung Brothers vinyl art toys (5.15″) will be available for pre-order on Monday (12.21) from Looming Doom Toys and Tenacious Toys for $95 each. The hilarious figures are slated to ship sometime between January and February 2021.