LETGO by Bubi Au Yeung x Gallery Gladden

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Bubi Au Yeung looks towards 2021 with the appropriately named LETGO vinyl art toy from Gallery Gladden. The cute, cleverly-designed vinyl figure features a large round head, tiny face, and its name/motto on its chest.

Inspired by the notion of moving forward by letting go of life pieces that are getting in the way of progress, LETGO features a companion accessory that fits into the top of the toy’s head and embodies the toy’s concept. The accessory has a sculpted-head on top with a face on the front and ‘EGO’ on the back. It can be inserted to reveal the little head poking out of the top of LETGO. Or, it can be flipped around and inserted with the flat side-up which has a cute smiley ‘peace’ logo. The choice as with life, is yours.

The LETGO vinyl art toy (6″) is available for pre-order in both Yellow and Mint versions From Gallery Gladden for $95 each. The figures are slated to ship in 2021.