Bobo Fate: The Bounty Hunter by Oasim Karmieh

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Oasim Karmieh’s Bobo Fate returns with the new ‘The Bounty Hunter‘ edition, almost exactly three years after the OG Darth Knight edition. Perfectly timed with the infamous bounty hunter’s recent re-emergence, the Bounty Hunter edition of Karmieh’s chibi-style homage features the iconic, instantly recognizable green + blue armor.

Seen in a frenetic fire fight, the meticulously detailed figure includes two removable weapons: an EE-3 Carbine Rifle and a Pistol. From the Beskar armor, to the cape, to the translucent jet pack flames, Karmieh has fully committed to delivering the ultimate chibi bounty hunter experience. Completing the experience, the figure includes a signed/numbered print.

An edition of 50, the Bobo Fate: The Bounty Hunter resin art toy (7″) is available for pre-order from Karmieh Toy Design for $399. The figure is slated to ship in March 2021.