BJJ Tiger Blue by BJJ Art x Kaiju One Gold

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BJJ Art’s (Jaejung Beck) stylized tiger figure returns with the BJJ Tiger Blue edition produced by Kaiju One Gold and sculpted by kto kto. Resembling a sabre-toothed tiger, the BJJ Tiger has two large fang-like teeth, an intense gaze, and large, translucent, almost crystal-like spikes on its back. The translucent spikes add a mystical quality to the fearsome tiger.

The BJJ Tiger Blue soft vinyl art toy (4.72” H x 6.69” L) is available via lottery for $125 from Kaiju One until Thursday (12.31) at 8 AM PDT. The figure’s two finishes—matte and glossy—will be randomly chosen. To enter the lottery, send a DM to Kaiju One with a subject of ‘Lottery Sale of BJJ Tiger – Blue Version’ and include your full shipping address, PayPal email and Telephone number. The figure includes a matching patch and a set of 4 stickers.

U(12/29, 11:40PM) : Added dimensions.

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