The Mangolorian by Luke Chueh x Flabslab

The much-anticipated, slightly delayed pre-order release of The Mangolorian is here. Inspired by the red hot Star Wars series, the sixth edition of the punny Boba resin art toy bust from Luke Chueh x Flabslab celebrates The Child’s protector with a fun dose of the artist’s signature humor. Clad in a shiny Beskar helmet and a leather-jacket, the toy answers the age old question of what’s a Mandolorian’s favorite boba flavor? Mango, of course.

The Mangolorian resin art toy bust (9.5″) is available for pre-order for a few days from Flabslab for $330 and is slated to ship out 90-120 days after the pre-order closes. This is the way.