Strangecat Toys @ DCon: Super Crash Bro Black & Gold by Josh Divine

Strangecat Toys continues to reveal its DesignerCon 2020 Online (11.13 – 11.15) lineup with the announcement of their exclusive Super Crash Bro Black & Gold vinyl art toy from Josh Divine. The super low-run edition features our wayward platform hero in black overalls with fancy gold shoes, gloves and hat. Too bad style points can’t make up for a faceplant.

An edition of 50, the Super Crash Bro – Black & Gold vinyl art toy (9.5″) will be available from Strangecat Toys’ live stream shopping channel at DesignerCon 2020 Online powered by Popshop Live. Both general admission($10) and VIP ($65) tickets are still available, though the VIP is going quickly. The VIP pass includes access to the Friday Night VIP preview, making it the best choice for those focused on in-demand exclusives.