Mister Melty Resin + Concrete by Buff Monster

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Buff Monster’s signature ice cream character returns with two new art toy drops for the last StayMelty release of 2020. First up, the NYC-based artist has created ten two-face Mister Melty 5″ resin art toys. The colorful collection includes some with glitter and some with a fun crackle effect. Each has plenty of splatter, and is signed/dated by the artist. Each of these hand-painted figures is finished with an automotive clear coat for the ultimate in long-lasting paint protection.

But wait there’s more… Buff Monster has also created a small run of Silver Pearl Glitter Concrete Mister Melty 5″ figures. The combination of the silver pearlescent paint and the glitter works nicely here as does the overall hue which seems fitting for the concrete material.

Finally, Buff Monster is also releasing a few Revealed Neil hand-painted multiples (HPM) from the vault. Originally released in 2019, these 12×12″ pieces feature spray-painted color, silkscreened outlines and additional airbrushed color and shading detail. These are an edition of 8, signed, numbered and dated.

All of this will be available on Thursday (11.19) at 8 AM PST from StayMelty.com.