‘Frosty Trash’ Dumpster Fire by 100% Soft

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As winter approaches and the temperature drops, rest assured that the charming, misery-loves-company Dumpster Fire—the unofficial toy of 2020— will continue to burn, or at least smolder brightly. 100% Soft welcomes the holiday season with the new Frosty Trash Dumpster Fire vinyl art toy.

The new limited-edition version features an icy design in translucent blue and frosted clear vinyl infused with wintery glitter. No matter the season, Dumpster Fire will be right there to offer an assuring nod, yes things really aren’t going well, at all 🙂

The Frosty Trash Dumpster Fire vinyl art toy (3.5″, $30) will be available first on Thursday (11.26) at 8 AM PST from 100% Soft and then on Black Friday (11.27) from select retailers including myplasticheart.