Mexican Bootleg’s DesignerCon Muerto Mouse by Jorge Gutierrez x 3DRetro

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Mexican Bootleg is set to release the DesignerCon Exclusive Muerto Mouse vinyl art toy from Jorge R. Gutierrez x 3DRetro, creator and director of the Book Of Life and the Netflix animated film Maya And The Three. Surrounded by skulls and skeletons of those who have passed, the stylized, ‘toon character is Gutierrez’s love letter to Disney. The new DCon exclusive edition features a monochromatic treatment which follows the OG color edition.

The DesignerCon Muerto Mouse vinyl art toy (8″) will be available from Mexican Bootleg’s DesignerCon 2020 Online live streaming ‘booth’ for $85 on Saturday (11.14) at 12 PM PDT.  DCon Tickets—General Admission ($10) and VIP ($65— are available though VIP tickets are selling through quickly. The VIP pass includes access to the Preview Night (11.13) making it a great choice for those hunting hard-to-get releases.