Crybaby Dino by Ngaew Ngaew x Molly’s Factory x Unbox Industries

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Thai artists Ngaew Ngaew and Molly’s Factory have crossed over two of their signature figures with the new Crybaby Dino vinyl art toy from Unbox Industries. First released at the recently-completed Taipei Toy Festival 2020, the figure is headed for a general online release.

As the name hints, Crybaby Dino blends the emotive Crybaby Molly figure from Molly’s Factory with the Dino Ngaew figure from Ngaew Ngaew. Rather than relying on paint to carry the collaboration, the new figure features a new sculpt that adds numerous crying touches to the basic Dino profile, most notably the tears and the hair which cleverly reuses Dino’s first spike on the top of the head. If the Crybaby Dino figure looks familiar, that’s probably because the overall design is based on the Shanghai Toy Show 2019 exclusive featuring Molly in full baby mode, diapers and all.

The Crybaby Dino vinyl art toy (5″) will be available on Saturday (11.28) at 7 AM PST from Unbox Industries for $85.