Chicken Killer by Critic x CoolrainLABO

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The long-awaited Chicken Killer has arrived. First released at WonderFest Shanghai 2020 in October, the new figure from South Korean apparel label Critic and CoolrainLABO is a striking, outside-the-box take on the iconic fried chicken chain mascot.

Chicken Killer reimagines the Colonel as a tattoo-ed fowl assassin in a wife beater and preppy-ish shorts. A gleaming, metallic pistol and dark shades (removable), complete this quirky, noir take on the chicken pitchman. The figure appears to be an offshoot side project from Critic’s KFC collection (May 2020) of wry apparel featuring the cosmic ‘Live Long and Fry’ tagline.

The Chicken Killer art toy is available from the CoolrainLABO online store for $118.