Powerfool by Grand Chamaco x Glitch

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Powered by political satire, the new Powerfool vinyl art toy set by Grand Chamaco x Glitch Network features the inextricably linked leaders of the USA and North Korea: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Known the world over for their diplomatic maneuvering over North Korea’s missile program, Grand Chamaco presents the two leaders, sarcastically described some as BFFs, speeding towards one another on yes, you guessed it, missiles. The punny name sets the tone for the comedic critique.

Looking to defuse a tense situation with some much needed humor, Grand Chamaco recasts the world leaders as big-headed children along for a most dangerous joy ride. Both figures feature Grand Chamaco’s signature style in the form of the immediately recognizable red nose and small blue mouth, a synergistic match for the two nation’s colors.

The Powerfool vinyl art toy set (8.6)” with included stands) is available for pre-order from Glitch Network at the Early Bird discounted price of $285 through October 23rd instead of the standard $295 pricing. The humorous art toy set is slated to ship on December 1 2020.