Mad Spraycan Mutant by Jeremy MadL x Martian Toys

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After what feels like a lengthy hiatus, Jeremy MadL returns to art toys with his new Mad Spraycant Mutant original vinyl figure from Martian Toys. Perhaps a victim of his own spray fumes, this aspiring street artist has a Krylon can inspired head, crazy teeth, and unusual, brush like hands.

The new figure is a wild hybrid of several archetypes including graffiti toys and urban vinyl with a hint of ape DNA seen in the the extremely long arms and hand pose. On the street art side, the figure features the can rattle that has become a must-have feature for spray can toys. Keeping with the urban vibe, the debut OG Street edition rocks a bright, neon green camo jacket. Flowing with the creative lifestyle angle, the Mad Spraycan Mutant comes with an alternate pair of eraser shoes in addition to his regular sneakers. Speaking of editions, a few of the promo pictures appear to show a tease of a black, gray and red version of the figure with a curious ’63’ on the back, perhaps a QUICCS crossover?

An edition of 499, The Mad Spray Mutant (OG Street) vinyl art toy (8″, six points of articulation) will be available on Friday (10.30) at 9 AM PDT for $100 from Martian Toys and select retailers including myplasticheart, Rotofugi and Tenacious Toys.