Astronaut Uamou 2020 by Uamou

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In celebration of World Space Week, Uamou (Ayako Takagi) is launching the Astronaut Uamou 2020 edition sofubi figures. Suited up for the final frontier, Astronaut Uamou comes in five colors—Gold, Orange, White Blue and Silver—each with a clear helmet. While the figures have the control-panel like buttons/lights on the front chest, they do not have the more elaborate Environmental Control and Life Support Systems of the 2019 releases which included a more elaborate front control panel and rear backpack. The upside to this year’s streamlined design is that the Astronaut Uamou 2020 figures will be readily available due to the simplified production as opposed to last year’s small-run lottery editions.

The Astronaut Uamou 2020 sofubi art toys (2.76″) are available for pre-order for ¥3,500 (33.49) from Uamou’s online store through Saturday (10.10) at 7:59 AM PDT.