Super Crash Bro by Josh Divine x Strangecat Toys

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Josh Divine continues his humorous take on the ‘down’ moments endured by all of us, including iconic characters. While the instantly recognizable plumber is often seen leaping fearlessly and effortlessly from platform to platform, the new Super Crash Bro vinyl art toy produced by StrangeCat Toys captures the character’s less than stellar moments.

Super Crash Bro follows Divine’s previous Astro Crash art toys in resin and vinyl. For all of us who’ve had to repeat a level over and over again, the piece resonates as a measure of our mistimed leaps and determination to make it the next time.

The new figure improves upon the concept as it’s designed to be displayed both face down and also right side up revealing a skeletal face. While the initial Astro Crash design had a computer OS crash screen for a face, the production editions featured a large splat in lieu of a face.

An edition of 200, the Super Crash Bro vinyl art toy (9″) launches on Sunday (9.13) at 9 AM PDT from Strangecat Toys for $120.

U (9.7): Added pricing.