Sup.Pro TMALL GID (Star Power-Ups) Edition by Fools Paradise

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Fools Paradise revisits its popular plumber-meets-professional pop-culture mashup with the new Sup.Pro TMALL GID (Star Power-Ups) vinyl art toy. As the Star Power-Ups edition name suggests, the new design pushes the glow factor beyond the previous normal GID (11.81″) and jumbo GID (19.69″) editions which featured GID accents.

With the new milky white cap and jacket, ‘Star Power-Ups’ features green and blue glow throughout the figure except for the face, hands and pistol. In addition to the new glow treatment, the figure’s name has apparently been shortened from Super Professional to Sup.Pro.

The Sup.Pro TMALL GID (Star Power-Ups) Edition vinyl art toy will be available for pre-order on September 18th HK Time (the evening of 9.17 PTD). It will also be released jointly as a TMALL exclusive in China. It’s not yet clear whether this is a standard size or jumbo release, though the fact that the figure is being offered solo without his female protege suggests jumbo.