Slingshot Aurum by James Jean x Avant Arte

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Los Angeles-based artist James Jean continues his collaboration with Avant Arte with the upcoming release of his new Slingshot Aurum bronze sculpture. The luxe edition of the self-sacrificing sculpture features a lustrous surface created with a mix of gold, copper, silver and pearl powders. The piece is finished with platinum leaf and bronze paint.

The Aurum edition follows the previous Black and Gold Bronze edition, also from Avant Arte, and the debut Light Mint & Gold resin edition which was released as part of the artist’s Eternal Journey solo at Lotte Museum in Seoul, South Korea (April 2019). While perhaps not evident at first, Slingshot is in part an exploration of life’s journey. This aspect of the piece can be seen in the soles of the boy’s sandals which feature a maze-like pattern.

An edition of 50, the Slingshot Aurum bronze sculpture (6.69″) will be available shortly from Avant Arte for €7,000 ($8288) each. Interested collectors can join Avant Arte’s email ‘wait list’.