Let Us Prey (Black Matte) by Frank Kozik

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Frank Kozik’s contemplative Let Us Prey vinyl art toy returns with the Black Matte edition from Kidrobot. The Black Matte edition features a black on black design with the matte black hands contrasting with the glossy black cash, rosary beads and ooze. This fourth edition follows the previous Patina Edition, KR Exclusive Black and Gold and the IamRetro Exclusive (bloody).

A critical commentary on the central role that money plays in our society, Let Us Prey features a pair of disembodied hands—emerging from the ooze—clasping stacks of cash. The rosary beads slung around the one hand emphasize the point that the all mighty dollar has supplanted religion for many.

The Let Us Prey (Black Matte) vinyl art toy (10″) is available for pre-order directly from Kidrobot for $100 as part of the company’s brand-new pre-order section of their site. The Black Matte edition is scheduled to ship out in December 2020.