KunCat OG Polkadot Edition by Sakun x Martian Toys

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The new KunCat OG Polkadot Edition vinyl art toy from Korean artist Sakun x Martian Toys is part of the new Endgame Squad family of figures built upon QUICCS’ TEQ63 platform. The KunCat figure brings Sakun’s signature character to life with a brand-new head sculpt and the familiar TEQ platform body. With two-tone eyes, wide grin, and whimsical polkadot outfit, KunCat brings the cute mischief. As with all TEQ figures, KunCat comes with two pairs of arms, regular and hoodie pocket.

With additional designs shown on the box, this first OG design may be the first in a line of KunCat figures on the TEQ / Squad platform. The promo pics also show at least two other Endgame Squad figures including a Rumpus version from Scribe. Endgame Squad is an interesting artist-driven strategy of turning a popular figure into an overarching platform of sorts. Each of the Squad figures will feature interchangeable heads that can be swapped with one another.

An edition of 150, the Kuncat OG Polkadot Edition vinyl art toy (6″) will be available on Friday (9.18) at 9 AM PDT from Martian Toys for $90.