Eemo Cloud & Kattessy by Jessica Emmett

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Singapore-based Jessica Emmett is releasing not one, but two super cute resin figures: Eeemo Cloud and Kattessy. Beyond the appealing designs, each has a personal significance to the artist.

Eemo Cloud features a peaceful cloud releasing a rainbow-hued downpour. A reflection on trying times and hope for a sunnier tomorrow, the figure is inspired in part by Emmett’s struggle with depression.

Kattessy, part cat and part panda, is pure fun. The figure celebrates trust and represents the artist (panda) and her husband (cat). The color scheme furthers the story of a union rather than two halves.

Both Eeemo Cloud (Edition of 30, 3″, 140 SGD/$103) and Kattessy (4″, 170 SGD/$125) are available via lottery which ends on Friday (9.25) at 7 AM PDT. To enter fill out the convenient form. Winners will be notified with payment instructions. This is the first opportunity to purchase either figure with 11 Eeemo Clouds and 13 Kattessys available for this lottery.