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KAWS has announced the upcoming release of his new WHAT PARTY figures. Carrying the same name as his upcoming What Party survey exhibition (2021) at the Brooklyn Museum, fans and collectors will instantly recognize the new piece as the return of the artist’s Michelin Man-inspired CHUM figure.

As with many of KAWS’ recent releases, WHAT PARTY conveys an emotional concept. While the OG CHUM has a bold, confident pose, the new figure has a lowered head and slumped shoulders perhaps reflecting sadness or weariness. Largely overshadowed by the COMPANION, it’s really nice to see a new CHUM release.

Beyond the upcoming figure drop, the WHAT PARTY sculpture seems set to play a larger-than-life role in the 2021 survey exhibition as suggested by the recent progress photo of a giant CHUM sculpture slated for the milestone event. In a bit of a reversal from the artist’s usual practice, the collectible figure is dropping ahead of the large sculpture.

The WHAT PARTY figures will be released on from KAWS ONE on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, at 9 AM PDT in five colors: Black, White, Orange, Yellow and Pink. Apart from the release date, little is known about the figures in terms of the material, sizing and pricing.