Traveller Elfie Sumo Edition

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Next up for Elfie is a visit to Japan with the upcoming Traveller Elfie Sumo Edition vinyl art from Too Natthapong x Unbox Industries. The fun design features a traditional, minimalist sumo outfit and cleverly incorporates a top-knot style hair design that extends over Elfie’s ears. As always, Too Natthapong’s signature character has a bright, cheery expression. The colorful trunk is a fun, warm touch.

As Elfie has toured Asia, he’s picked up traditional one-on one sports including Muay Thai and now Sumo.

The Traveller Elfie Sumo Edition (5″) drops on Saturday (8.8) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox Industries for $45 each. The figure comes in a fun box with stylized Sumo art all-around. It’s always nice when the packaging adds to the experience.