Strangecat Toys Exclusive Onigiri & Macaroni Flame Editions from Grape Brain

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Strangecat Toys has not one, not two, but four (!) exclusive Grape Brain releases set for a sizzling Sunday drop. The release will feature Grape Brain’s signature Onigiri and his newer axolotl-inspired Macaroni figures in Blue Flame and Red Flame editions. Each of the Flame editions features a split two-tone design with an airbrush fade in between.

The two Grape Brain figures might be described as creepy and cute. On the creepy side, there’s the freaky Onigiri cat which immediately brings back morbid memories from Pan’s Labyrinth. On the cute side, Macaroni has a cute, humorous, ‘oh no!’ design.

Editions of 20 each, the Blue Flame and Red Flame Onigiri and Macaroni sofubi art toys (4.3″) will be available on Sunday at 8:30 AM PDT exclusively from Strangecat Toys for $70 each.